The Top Five Pubs in Limerick

George Orwell once wrote a story about the perfect pub called "The Moon Under Water". One problem, it never existed.

"And if anyone knows of a pub that has draught stout, open fires, cheap meals, a garden, motherly barmaids and no radio, I should be glad to hear of it, even though its name were something as prosaic as the Red Lion or the Railway Arms"

I reckon if he had been to Limerick that story would have ended differently. Below you will find my top five pubs in Limerick, there are many more that should be on this list but for now let's just start with these. 

Mother Macs

A welcoming, creative and genuine pub. A locally proud establishment, this pub generates civic pride amongst their clientele, through locally procured booze and hosting a variety of community art gatherings, Mother Mac’s has established itself as much more than a pub. I had the pleasure of assisting local paintbrush legend Tom Collins create the artwork for the facade of the building. Tom did his artistic wizardry while I filled in a few gaps.

The Curragower

River views, great food and pints. What more could you want? Whether it's a Munster Match day, a concert in the Castle or a Three Bridges stroll, the Gower is always a desirable pitstop. That side of the river has a certain calmness, a tranquil delight in an urban landscape, from the Treaty Stone to Sarsfields Bridge it would be rude not to stop off, just for one...

JJ Bowles

Do a bit of fishing while having a pint? Well, only if you can squeeze through the front doors. That initial snug can be deceiving, behind lies one of the best views in the city but only if you can get through the next door which can be just as tricky as the first or maybe I had too many pints that night. Who needs a spa break when you have JJ Bowles smoking area? An urban escape with a pint in hand and a majestic view to ponder, doesn't get much better than that.


A Young Munsters stronghold. Could theoretically be classed as a museum based on the collection of cookie memorabilia that adorns the walls. A classic Limerick institution, but only if you can find it. Nestled in the corner at the entrance to the train station, for some time a crest with three crowns hung above the door, the only indication that this may in fact be a pub. But this only added to the allure, a steady flow of stout and an even steadier flow of banter was always to be found here. 

The Horse and Hound 

Are you really from Limerick if you haven't frequented this fine establishment in the early morning? A peculiar mix of clientele can be found here in the early hours of the day, some starting their day, while others are still finishing it off. Long live the Horse and Hound. 

Would you add any more pubs to the list? Leave a comment below. There are too many pubs to fit on this list so I decided to include as many as I could in this print "Pints of the 061". Order today and get the price of a pint off with code "Just the one". If you need a frame Art Mad on John's Street give a discount on all 061 prints. Pints of the 061 available here.

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