Artwork that doesn't get disseminated is just art…

I wanted to try something a little different with these blogs. I would like to share some art that never made it out there, original sketches and some thoughts from time to time.
This is the first attempt.
I saw a post on Facebook once of an artist that had passed away. She had made art all her life, but never sold any of it and kept it all. The house was overflowing with work. It got dumped by a relative, no one needed or wanted it. A lifetime of work thrown in a skip. I’ve never forgotten that post, maybe I feared that could be me but it also motivated me. The vast majority of the work I have created I no longer have. I’ve gifted it, pasted it up or sold it. Art that isn't disseminated in some way serves no purpose, the art must be put to work to become an artwork.
Below is a print that never got made, it might one day but for now, it only exists here.
I’m not sure if anyone is still reading but if you are, thank you. Grá mór.

                    "Our Streets" Hand drawn type with crown background, hand carved from MDF. Digitally designed, never put into production, yet...

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