5 places you'll recognise if you grew up in Limerick in the 90's & 00's.

1. Clem Smith's. Where boys became men. The epicentre of the Dock Road, Clem Smith watered many an underage hurling team after a County Championship final. Now the vibrant Kasbah, Clem Smith's will long live in the memory of Limerick millennials'.

2. Trinity Rooms. Do you still have your key ring? The courtyard fostered many a Limerick romance. The success of your night was determined by entry to this fine establishment. The RnB room was not for the faint hearted, and quickly demonstrated that Limerick people can't dance.

3. The Red Rose cafe. A Limerick institution. Before flat whites and gourmet sausages the Red Rose cafe fed many fragile Limerick women and men. Greasy sausages and fried eggs. Breakfast food done right. 


4. Roxboro swimming pool. Many Limerick people learnt to paddle their way out of the chlorine soaked waters. The smell of disinfectant still lingers in the nostrils. Immune systems were built and compromised here. St Enda's was also good for a dip. 

5. Game. The Cruises street establishment. PS1 and PS2, the glory days. The Game employees took their roles seriously. Grand Theft Auto would have to be bought by an older brother or with a dodgy ID. The employees held out to the bitter end. Long live Game. 

Leave a comment below if I missed any. What Limerick establishments have you fond memories of? Business's across Limerick are under severe pressure, as you can see from the list above, it is a difficult task to keep a business afloat even in the best of times. Please support local Limerick business's as we navigate our way through these unusual times. Small discount code for those who made it this far: "In Clem we trust". Check out some Art down below. Stay safe. Mór Grá. The 061.


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